About SEVA

SABC Education Virtual Academy (SEVA) is a self-help eLearning management system developed to support the quality of education in South Africa, by repurposing the educational TV programs by the SABC for online learning, and for usage by general public.

What does SEVA offer?

SEVA offers the following online programmes:

High School Support


4IR Portal

Key Features

All learning materials offered include the following features:

Video Lessons


Lesson Notes


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  • What is SEVA?

    SABC Education Virtual Academy is an online, self-help learning management system aimed at supporting and promoting the quality of education in South Africa.

  • Who can use SEVA?

    SEVA is a public platform, open to members of the public with an interest in programs offered by the academy.

  • Objectives of SEVA

    • Promote learner support
    • Assist in nation building and skills development

  • What are the benefits of SEVA?

    • No need for passwords and registration — except for the e-store.
    • SEVA is a convenient self-help resource, suitable for further learning and training.
    • Access to visual peers with similar interests in the programs offered by the academy.
    • Ability to engage with SABC TV programs beyond broadcast.
    • SEVA is flexible — access SEVA and its programs anytime, anywhere, using any smart device.